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This page focuses primarily upon what appears to be the most noteworthy embezzlements to have been discovered at the Texas Bar thus far. Kathy Holder served as the Bar's membership director. She gradually embezzled well over half a million dollars of dues money (etc.) over the course of nearly a decade before someone turned her in by around May of 2013. How the Texas Bar handled this ongoing theft afterwards is noteworthy and analyzed below...

Concise media report regarding Kathy Holder's embezzling while at the Texas Bar
Elaborate analysis of how the Texas Bar handled Kathy Holder's embezzling
Why did the State Bar of Texas forget to include any information about that
in its Sunset Review presentation to the state legislature which it submitted
less than 3 years later? The Bar sought a renewal of its 12 year charter
and (among other privileges) the right to increase annual attorney
membership dues whenever, and by however much it likes...

Sunset Review query

Budgets at the Texas Bar...
Salaries at the Texas Bar...


Incidentally, some people suspect that other embezzlements continue to be underway
at the Texas Bar, based in part on data available on our Texas Bar's budgets page.

Meanwhile, isn't it noteworthy how California's bar's prominent embezzler of a decade ago had to repay
what she stole, but Kathy Holder of the Texas Bar essentially did not? Texas bar members ultimately
had to absorb the bulk of the losses because the Texas Bar made its insuror do so. Might the decisionmakers
involved with that have feared that Kathy Holder could become a snitch against them if they didn't appease her
with massive debt forgiveness?
Why doesn't the Texas Bar finally launch an externally operated whistleblower program
that confidentially awards monetary prizes to whomever uncovers fraud, waste & abuse underway
(or previously committed) at (or by) the Texas Bar? For example, where does the Texas Bar's
$55 million dollar annual budget really go? We link to its budget items breakdown here.
Is it not remarkably vague in some areas, though? Can you say slush funds? Meanwhile,
please feel free to enjoy this recent report about the SEC's whistleblower program:

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