Six figure salary recipients at the State Bar of Texas

UPDATE: whereas in 2016 approximately 29 employees of the Texas Bar received
six figure annual salaries (excluding benefits), as of early 2021 that quantity is at least 39.

Editor's note: the following 2016 figures do not include state pension benefits
or embezzlement perks & royalties such as former Texas Bar membership director
Kathy Holder's half a million dollar theft of dues funds over nearly a decade.

NAME (in ascending order, based on one's annual 2016 salary)

SALARY (not including benefits)

BURKS, PAUL Video Production Director $103,944.00
HOMBURG III, PAUL Trial Attorney II $103,944.00
STROLLE, STEPHANIE Trial Attorney II $103,944.00
SQUIRES, CORY Research & Analysis Director $104,000.00
BOWER, HEDY Professional Development Division Director $104,823.00
BROWN, LOWELL Communications Division Director $105,000.00
JARRATT, TRACY Finance Division Director $105,378.00
HARLAN, TONYA Regional Counsel $105,446.00
MILLER, JAN Law Related Education Director $105,963.00
HAMILTON, CYNTHIA Sr. Appellate Counsel $107,502.00
SANDLE, SHARON Law Practice Resources Division Director $110,250.00
ROGERS, PAUL Purchasing & Facilities Director $111,964.00
CHAPMAN, JONATHAN Information Technology Director $112,394.00
TURNER, AMY Human Resources Director $121,873.00  
MAJOR, EUGENE Attorney Compliance Division Director $122,545.00
SPEARS, KANICE Member & Public Services Division Director $122,545.00
CANTU, RAY Asst. Deputy Director $145,800.00
VICKERS, GAYLE BODA Deputy Director/Counsel $148,604.00
POWELL, BRADLEY Chief Information Officer $149,626.00
MCALLISTER, PATRICIA ATJ (Access to Justice) Executive Director $152,250.00
JONES, DONALD Legal & Attorney Services Division Director $158,006.00
EHLER, JAMES Deputy Counsel - Litigation $165,841.00
SIRMAN, JOHN Legal Counsel $166,036.00
POPPS, LAURA Deputy Counsel - Administration $168,508.00
LANEY, KALYN Asst. Deputy Director $182,090.00
MCKEEMAN, CHRISTINE BODA Executive Director/General Counsel $184,850.00
ACEVEDO, LINDA Chief Disciplinary Counsel $190,767.00
NESTER, PATRICK Deputy Executive Director $216,400.00
HUNTER, MICHELLE Executive Director $289,380.00


In 2019, the annual salary for the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court was $170,500. [Source; alternative source: page 9]. Meanwhile the Governor of Texas received a lesser salary of just over $153,750 annually [Source; alternative source]. Texas legislators reportedly earn around $600 per month in base pay, according to this source.

In comparison, in 2016 the Executive Director of the State Bar of Texas received an annual salary of $289,380 (plus benefits, pushing that compensation package well over $300,000). That salary is over $100,000 more than Texas pays either the Texas Governor, or the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, in 2016 at least nine different employees of the Texas Bar received higher salaries than the governor of Texas, while nearly half a dozen received higher salaries than the Texas Supreme Court's Chief Justice. Furthermore the Texas Bar reportedly paid its approximately 270 employees over $19 million in salaries and $6.6 million in benefits—over $25 million in total. That amounted to nearly a $95,000 annual compensation package per Texas Bar employee (plus state pension benefits and other perk$). The Bar nevertheless secretively sought the ability from the state legislature during the 2016-2017 Sunset Review process to get to evade membership referendum restrictions against dues increases. Somehow the Bar actually obtained the right to increase dues by 10% every 6 years in the final version, SB 302, without its even having to comply with membership referendum requirements in the future. The Bar had previously e-mailed the entire Bar membership that member referendum rights remained intact in the wake of the Sunset Review Commission's final bill's approval, thereby catching the membership off guard when the bill went for subsequent (and abrupt) legislative approval...

"The Texas Bar is apparently the most profitable not-for-profit state governmental entity in all of Texas." -Joe Longley (2018-2019 Bar President)

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